XFX Micro Sweep

Expression via Tilt & Rotation

Xpression fX Micro Sweep from Oz Inventions, is a wireless motion controlled audio effects controller. It is designed for use with effects units, keyboards and MIDI controllers that have an expression pedal socket, sometimes called a control socket

Features & Functions

  • Freehand motion expression device creating modulation from the movements of tilt and rotation
  • Motion controlled footswitch
  • Output can be configured for TRS, RTS, TS or CV (Control Voltage 0 –  4 volts)
  • 10Kohm and 50Kohm electrical resistance
  • Reverse and foward sweep
  • Adjustable start and stop sweep positions
  • Sensitivity control
  • Two RF receiving channels (2.4GHz)

The device is compatible with effect units, keyboards and MIDI controllers with expression sockets or with CV sockets.

Connect the expression socket of the device to the expression socket of an effects unit, keyboard or MIDI controller, using a TRS cable