Xpression fX incorporates your body’s rhythmic motion into your sound. From gentle swinging to rapid rotations, this new technology moulds your music to your motion. The added and unique expression, sounds great and makes you sound more like you and less like everyone else.

You will love using Xpression fX Black Magic Motion as you discover a new and exciting way of shaping and playing your music.

‘Using Xpression fX Black Magic Motion has put me in control of my expression. I can configure it to my specific movements and so it gives me the power of unique expression. And it’s a lot of fun to use too

The 8 modulation modes and 3 selectable transmission channels means you can use multiple units together to control multiple effects units simultaneously.

Software functions such as automatic and motion triggered ADSR envelopes, give you continuous and unique control over pitch, filter, volume and other parameters. This means you can create fantastic new sounds synchronous with your own specific movements. When combined with the variable step control and a pitch effect, the ADSR function can act as an appegiator jumping back and forth between any note.

The motion record function enables you to create intricate ‘Low Frequency Oscillation’ patterns from milliseconds to minutes, so that you can get the exact oscillation waveform you want from quick and simple up/down waveforms through to long meandering waveforms and random patterns.

The remote on/off function means that you don’t need to be near the pedal to turn it on & off, leaving you free to roam about as you play.

You will see that it has a sturdy aluminium stomp box style and that means you can safely stomp on it for local ON/OFF functionality when needed.

Minimum and maximum depth controls give you precise control so you can express yourself without going too loud, too soft, too high, too low or too … anything.

The sensitivity control, bidirectional sweep, quad directional sweep and reverse sweep options, adjusts the output so that you get the modulation amplitude you need regardless of speed, force, distance or direction.

Linear, logarithmic and anti-logarithmic sweeps give you even more control to get the effect that you want.

The variable step size adjusts the size of each step so you can have coarse or fine changes in modulation as well as accurate changes in pitch which means the system can act as a musical instrument.

Fully adjustable modulation angles, give you the control that you want. From short tilt angles that create warbling effects through to 360 degree and greater rotations that create slowly increasing pitch and volume effects, you will see the benefits of being able to set the angle over which effect changes occur.

The wireless sensor provides remote location options and so anything that moves can create effect modulation, including you, someone else or even a spinning chair.

The multiple polarity and resistance modes gives the unit nearly universal compatibility and this means you can use it with virtually any effects unit, keyboard or MIDI controller with a control port. And, the MIDI version gives you the same control over any assignment parameter on effect units and keyboards with a 5-pin DIN MIDI receive port.

You will find a whole new way of expressing yourself through your music that has never been possible before, as you spin, swing, sway, jump, bob, weave and turn your way to the ultimate in musical expression.

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P.S. ‘Xpression fX’ is the best in musical expression, enabling your movements to shape your sound.