XFX Splitter

Two-way expression pedal splitter

Xpression fX two-way splitter from Oz Inventions, adds features to, and provides universal connectivity, to a simple TRS or RTS expression pedal. It is designed for use with effects units, keyboards and MIDI controllers that have a foot controller socket.


  • The device enables an expression pedal to drive two separate effects units, keyboards or MIDI controllers.
  • Each output can be turned ON or OFF independently
  • Each output can be configured for TRS, RTS, TS or CV (Control Voltage)
  • The minimum and maximum depth for each output can be set independently
  • The sweep direction for each output can be reversed independently
  • The depth can be set to stay at a single position and then the expression pedal can be removed. (e.g. Parked Wah)

The device is polarity compatible with most effect units, keyboards and MIDI controllers with expression sockets or with CV sockets.